Sunday Snippet: Scent

Well, it's that time again! And this one I've had ready for a few days, even! Woo, look at me, getting ahead of the game.

This one is odd, to say the least. Let's see what you make of it.

I feel my throat closing in disgust as the stale air wafts over me. Pinching my airway closed with my left hand as I flash the light around with my right, I take in the narrow tunnel. It's been years since someone's been down here, it's easy to tell just from what I can see within the beam. Starting forward, I cautiously test my weight to make sure the floor won't collapse under me. It doesn't give, so I continue further down the hall as fast as I can go. It'll be many more years before someone else comes down here, long enough for the evidence to decay with the body.

Prompt for this one is based off of "Smell."

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