It Doesn't Matter

By M. Hendrix
The snow crunched under his boots, a sound he focused on intensely. The cold seeping into his skin, the trembling of muscle unable to warm him up, was pushed to the back of his mind as he put all of his concentration on moving one foot forward, pressing down into the snow, and holding him steady as he pulled the other foot ahead. In this repeating movement, this repeating thought, he moved forward a step at a time, nothing else mattering.

It didn’t matter that he was only wearing a tank-top and some old flannel pants he found in the trunk of his useless car. It didn’t matter that he wasn’t sure where he was heading to. All that mattered is that everything behind him was getting further away.

Step… Step… Ste—fall. The snow cushioned him, cradling him closely, holding him as he closed his eyes. Nothing mattered. Nothing mattered. He smiled, and let himself drift. It doesn’t matter, anyways.

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