Update on the Move

Good evening! Morning! Or whatever time it is!

Now, before I mentioned that Snippets is being relocated. Well, that's still happening! Most of the goodies have been moved over, and while dust is still settling, there is plenty more to be done. As it stands right now, there won't be any more updates regarding new content here on this blog; all of it will be on the new one. Once everything's officially moved over, I will leave this as it is for people to visit, ooh, and aaah over... but new goodies will have to go to the new blog address.

Don't have it yet?

Well, here you go then! Snippets, at bymhendrix.com

Don't be afraid to visit, leave comments, smack-talk, insult, threaten, or bribe me. I love to hear from my readers, well-wishers, fanatics, and those who want to erase my existence on this plane.

...Yes, I'm a bit strange. Oh well.

~M. Hendrix

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