Update on the Move

Good evening! Morning! Or whatever time it is!

Now, before I mentioned that Snippets is being relocated. Well, that's still happening! Most of the goodies have been moved over, and while dust is still settling, there is plenty more to be done. As it stands right now, there won't be any more updates regarding new content here on this blog; all of it will be on the new one. Once everything's officially moved over, I will leave this as it is for people to visit, ooh, and aaah over... but new goodies will have to go to the new blog address.


Sunday Snippet: Night

So much is going on, it's exciting! But as Ro reminded me, I already skipped last week... so I threw together a quick snippet for you.


Sunday Snippet: Missing You

This was supposed to originally be for a prompt project I'm working on this month, but it fell off the bandwagon. Since - after counting - it turned out to be six sentences long, I saved it for today.


Sunday Snippet: Broken

Today, I'm taking a different approach. Mainly because my brain is burnt out from working on my novel (my deadline is in less than a month...!), so I am taking it to the poetic side tonight.


Sunday Snippet: Trade Secrets (Plus note)

The following snippet comes from a story I wrote for a prompt-fiction project. I'm feeling particularly lazy today, so I'm offering this up as a peace offering.
Why? Because I have no clue if I updated last week.