Sunday Snippet: The Essence of Wrath

So there's still two hours before it's Monday (for me, at least) so I'm going to get this done on time! I have been working hard on my rough draft, as I set a deadline for myself (more details about that coming up on the blog) and am working to make it.

But as I was writing, a sentence popped out of nowhere, startling me. It stared at me, letting me know that this is the key sentence to my entire character. Matt's personality, morals, loyalty, and dedication are all summed up in this sentence, and I believe it will be the one on my dust cover.

But as this is a Six Sentence Snippet, I will add the entire scene the sentence popped up in. It will the the last sentence, so I hope you enjoy it as much as I am right now.

Each time Chloe sits next to me, holding out another book for me to read, I remember why I did it. I find myself feeling very protective of her; she’s so fragile inside, and wants me to keep her safe. It’s my responsibility to give her that safety; I put myself in that role that fateful morning. She’s not in a hurry to make me leave, either.
Until the day she decides to turn her back on me, I’ll be here to watch hers.

Ah, so I'm going to go back to writing. Later! 

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