Sunday Snippet: Wrath

Another Sunday, another Snippet! Below is a snippet from Wrath, which has taken off tremendously since a disastrous phone call during work. While on hold for an hour, I plotted for Children of Sin.

This little snippet is from Chapter 3, while Matt and the girls are still living with their foster mother. Debra, the  mother of the household, is the woman in the following scene, along with Matt. I love this scene, because it gives a glimpse of what Matt could have had, if not for the power of the Sin within him.
For that moment, I almost see the kind woman who welcomed me into her home a year ago.

But it passes, and her eyes harden again, her hands dropping to her side. Her lip is free once more, and twisted into a sneer.

“Don’t let me find you messing around in here again, you hear me boy?”

“Yes, ma’am,” I reply, giving her the answer she wants to hear. Satisfied, she turns away from me, going back to care for her food.
Ah, love it! To think he could have had the good life. But I'm not very nice to them, so he doesn't get it... yet.

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