Happy V-Day 2013

Happy Overbearing Romantic Feelings Day!!! As you might have learned last year, I'm not a big fan of all the candy, chocolate, hearts, and sappy cards. Okay, that's a lie, I like the chocolate part. But as for the other ones... I prefer to get down and lovin' on my lover all year long. With chocolate all year, too.

So here, as following in the footsteps of last year, is a rather muted poem. It's about love, don't get me wrong, but... well, read it for yourself!

I hold my cards close to my chest
Never letting anyone in
I don’t show my true colours
Instead keeping my thoughts to myself
Why would I do this, you ask
Because the world is so cruel
Narrow-minded fools are in charge
And refuse to understand me
I am deeply in love, yet I cannot share
I am listed as single, unwed
But as long as my love understands
I do not care
Some days it’s harder, I just want to scream
Because she means the whole world to me
But with all of the people surrounding me
I cannot express my feelings for her
If I were to do so, I know how it would go
I would be mocked, ridiculed, misunderstood
The masses would assume that they know me
That I am a whore, promiscuous, unfaithful
Two woman cannot be in love
It goes against the norm
So suddenly I am abnormal
People I’ve known since my young childhood
Will refuse to understand
They claim to not have ‘seen the signs’
But this doesn’t make sense to me
There’s nothing to see, I cannot tell
What signs they’re looking for
As if my love is a disease on my flesh
Easily known to all
So I hold my cards close,
I keep my true feelings locked
Inside the box in my soul
And one day when the world will understand
I will show pride in the love that I feel
And let my true feelings shine.

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