Among Others

I love writing. I'm not the only person who does. It's not just my passion, but a passion shared with people who love it just as much as I do. And what better motivation than getting together with likeminded writers and, well, writing?

National Novel Writing Month, or NaNoWriMo, is one way this is done... on a global level. But for those who have participated in NaNo before, there are local branches that get together and do things throughout November.

I happen to be lucky enough to work in the same place as two of my NaNo's. As we were chatting around the water cooler, waiting for our network to be repaired, an interesting idea was brought up.

Even though, officially, NaNo is over for now, there's still plenty of writing to be done. So we debated, agreed, and encouraged the idea offered.

Why not meet up once a month to hose a writing night?

During NaNo, we called them Write-Ins. It was where we loitered inside either a cafe, library, or restaurant space as a (rather large) group, and cracked down on writing. We would hold contests to see who could write the most words in a set period of time, and the winner gets bragging rights (as we're often broke from overindulging in coffee or soda) until someone else steals them. It was a great way to enjoy company, and really push ideas. There were plenty of people to bounce idea off of if you got stuck, or to help you keep going when you lost motivation.

But as November ended, and we wandered back to our separate lives, a lot of that motivation walked off too.

It's not just NaNo that can cause this unique atmosphere. Local writing guilds or clubs offer the same thing: A focused atmosphere with plenty of creative minds to fuel your own.

So, if you are a fellow writer suffering from lack of motivation, ideas, or just enthusiasm, why not go find a group of likeminded people, and place yourself among other writers? It'll do a world of good.

Get writing already!

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