Sunday Snippet: Wrath

So, I must once again blame C.R. Trumbo for this idea. She's a lot more dedicated to updating her blog than I (every day! It's nuts!!) and she has a running theme going on. Her's is called "Short Snippet Sunday," which I find amusing because of the name of my blog. But as a fellow blogger, writer, and reader, I figure I'll jump on board.

There might be more posts related to content she's written. You really should go read her blog here, it's packed with goodies.

So for my Short Snippet Sunday, or S.S.S., I am going to post a small snippet from Wrath. With much ado, I present to you my six-sentence snippet!

“Rule four,” I continue, leading her up the stairs, “is to never be upstairs by yourself. Debra’s a bi-- really mean,” I correct myself, remembering I’m talking to a little kid. “You don’t want to be up here by yourself. If you want to come upstairs, I need to be with you.”
“Even if I want to go potty?” she pouts, not understanding me. How am I supposed to explain to a brat about abuse and safety?
 Well, I hope you enjoyed the snippet; this should be a regular theme on Sundays from now on. Read on!

-M. Hendrix


  1. I love reading her posts. Everyday posts can be hard but she always entertains me. I might join in on S.S.S. soon. I didn't have anything ready to post.

    Thanks for sharing your snippet. I can't wait to read more from you.


    1. I do too; I don't have enough content or time to manage it like she does. But she sure is an inspiration! Thanks for the comment :)


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