Growing a Story

I've heard the term 'organic characters' thrown around here and there, but I never fully understood it. What I'm going to ramble about today might be in line, but might be far off from that... it's organic ideas.

This occurred to me a few weeks ago, when I was developing plot ideas with Ro Mae. As I was detailing one aspect of my backplot (the nice little things that make my story world's run), I seemed to find ideas for more hidden within that. Scenes came to mind, character developments, foreshadowing opportunities... They all grew from that single idea. Hence, I feel that I was growing my story more than I first intended. Which is not a bad thing! As I kept developing, I moved onto another plot aspect, and the same thing happened.

I got a lot accomplished that night, that's for sure.

It's amazing how ideas will do that. They're not static; they grow, bend, change, and chew on the soft brain tissues as they're worked out. The more I focus on them, the more I get from it.

So I will go back to growing my story, and seeing what the end results will be! Hopefully something tasty!

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  1. Oh I definitely agree with that!

    I have had similar experiences when it comes to writing. Sometimes all you need to do is ask the right questions. Start questioning Why this happens?

    For example, I knew something would happen (Had already happened) but I wasn't clear on why. When I finally asked, about three more characters crawled out of the wood work.

    It's fun.


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