Rice Chips

It must be something in my rather disgusting bag of rice chips that got my brain thinking today. I ended up writing out a large section of Wrath that doesn't take place for quite a while! I also finally typed up the opening lines for Wrath as well.

I watch him.

I watch him as he rises from the ground. Around his body is a dark crimson that illuminates the dull grey room. It spreads, colouring the world around him into that same dark, dark, shade.

I watch him as his eyes see everything around him. His eyes, a shade that falls between green and brown, both yet neither of the two. I watch as they fill with fury, the light around him growing.

I watch him as a man falls. A foolish man, challenging the first. His life spreads more red against the cold, cold grey.

I watch him as another man falls, and another, and yet another. Each never learning, never changing, never growing.

I watch him as as he falls to his knees. He is screaming, yet I cannot hear him. I cannot move to hold, him, comfort this angry, terrifying, furious, beautiful man.

All I can do is watch him.

It blows my mind... though I have a feeling it will change as time goes on. They always change :)

-M. Hendrix

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