The Notebook

I have a notebook that I carry with me everywhere. This notebook had many ancestors that shared a similar fate as this special notebook. Why is it special, you ask? Because it's my writing journal, of course!

I never know when an idea or thought will hit, so I have taken to carrying a journal with me everywhere I go just in case. I used to try to remember it until I could get home and jot it down, but more often than not I would lose the idea. I would know I had it, but couldn't remember what it was! I was devastated, so I came up with this solution.

My journal is rather pretty. It used to just be a cheap spiral, but as time goes on I upgraded. I have a Celtic weave hardbound journal I bought 75% off with beautiful lined pages within and a satin ribbon to mark my place. The unique and durable aspects of it help me to find it much quicker than my 1 subject spiral I used to use (and it would get mixed in with it's relatives much too often!).

I've gotten to be so well known for carrying it on me, that people will ask me where it is when I don't have it on me. It's like an extra limb, and is a part of my image to others. The woman in dress pants, button-down shirts, hat, sandals, and the notebook. All of it is just... Me!

-M. Hendrix

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