Writing is a mixture of talent, acquired skill, and inspiration. Some have larger amounts of one area than another. At least, this is my belief. I find that only having one area doesn't really make a person a writer (or at least, a successful one!) so a true writer is hard to find. I find I have a lot of inspiration and acquired skill, and a smidgen of talent.

I try to drag my talent out more though, as I know it's in there somewhere! Call me egotistical if you want, but I think I know myself rather well to say that. I tried several methods to help draw the talent out and found one that is both fun and productive (depending on where I stop). I get 'buzzed'.

That isn't to say I get flat-on-my-ass drunk. No, I just knock a couple shots back or a bottle or two to get that nice tingly, warm feeling. It helps slow down the processes in my brain, even turning off a couple of my numerous trains of thought. With only a couple trains to distract me, I can focus easier on my writing without my attention moving to a new platform. Of course, it can be counterproductive if I drink too much! But it sure is fun!

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