Detours Due to Pineapples

I find it odd that whenever I am snacking, I think of writing. This is odd, because I don't tend to snack (or eat, in that case!) very often, so this amuses me. Anyways, this time I was enjoying some dried pineapples. They're rather good, in a disgusting way. But that's not the subject of this post today. It's the thoughts that came with it.

I am known by long-time readers to be unpredictable. It's a comment and complaint that often comes with responses to writing I've shared on websites. If something seems to be coming that's obvious, I will take a detour. Two people meet, become friends, fall in love. Right? Not on my watch! Two people meet, become friends, meet friend's sibling, and walah! Detour! I don't like predictability (ask Ro!) and I think the only way I am predictable is by not doing the obvious.

There was one chapter in a story I wrote where I had a character blow up their kitchen on accident. I think that was the largest response I had ever had from readers, and most of the comments were "I didn't see that coming!"

Good, I don't want you to!

With centuries of people writing, it's really hard to forge an original path that has never been used. So writing fiction has to be staying off the obvious path. There can only be so many times the princess is saved by the prince, the queen is a wicked stepmother, and the ruby shoes will take you home.

-M. Hendrix

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