I find that much time is spent waiting for things in life to happen. So instead of mindlessly staring at the floor or a wall it would be a great time to daydream! I often find the most common thoughts to be along the lines of current or possible stories that I've been working on.

I don't just do it while waiting for an appointment either; I often find times where mental focus isn't in demand to be a good time too. I often 'plot' while running, jogging, on a treadmill, biking, hiking, fishing, or commuting. It has become so natural to carry around a small voice recorder so that I can plot aloud and not forget anything while doing it. (I'll tell you reviewing the tapes are rather amusing, as I forget most of what was said!).

This came to mind today as I was jogging out in the freezing cold rain of Utah January weather. I was cold, miserable, and trying to ignore the fact that I needed to pee so I fell back on a foolproof solution: plotting! I took some of my kids and made them play with each other on a playground of my choice. As I played scenarios in my mind I actually managed to draft a part of the story that I am rather pleased with.

Multi-tasking is a great thing, isn't it?

Here's a little teaser of what my mind made today:

I can't begin to explain how I know that Wes can be trusted, other than it just feels right as his arms are wrapping around my shoulders. My forehead drops down to rest along the broad expanse of his shoulder in response, and I feel the fear, stress, anger, and resentment that I have carried my whole life drift away as if made of smoke; the power of this shy, timid, and awkward man filling my entire body with heat and burning it from existence. All that is left behind is the warm feeling of security and contentment, emotions that that I have no familiarity with, but can easily learn to cherish.
-M. Hendrix

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