Greed, Lust, Wrath, and Wes

So far I have four children, the oldest at 22, and the youngest barely turned 3. Here are some of my 'family pictures' that I had during my latest 'Art Attack' (as I fondly name the times where I feel like drawing).

Angel is my baby and the youngest Sin in the story. She'll get her own book near the end of the series, second-to-last.

Chloe is the middle child right now among the Sins, and she's a very pretty nine-year-old. 

And my oldest Sin is Matt, who stars for the first book! He's sixteen, almost seventeen years old at the start of the series. I might end up 'retaking' his picture as I didn't like how it turned out. My 'Art Attack' was almost over by the time I got around to him.

I don't have a picture for Wes, but he's an important key character as well. He's my oldest 'child' right now, and as in the supernatural theme I have going on he's a lot more than he first appears. I picture him having a socially awkward bookworm-type appearance, that "rumpled" look. He's adorable, so I'll have to get his picture soon to show him off!

But as any proud parent will, I had to show my kids off!

-M. Hendrix

edit: fixed picture links, they should be showing now.

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