Sunday Snippet: Matt

Another week goes by, and once again it's Sunday. So, without further ado, let's get this thing started!

Today's snippet features the one and only Matt, who we're all getting to know better as time goes on. This is a scene that shows that Matt, despite all of his power, isn't as strong as he wishes he could be.

I blindly throw out a fist, and feel it connect to warm flesh. The lack of any sound tells me enough about how well I aimed, and the hand grabbing my forearm, swinging my body around and dropping me to the floor, tells me that too.
“You thought you’d play the hero, did you?” he sneers. The air’s knocked from my lungs as he kicks me, my body sliding a good couple of feet at the force. I gasp, trying to breathe, but I don’t get a chance as I’m kicked again. And again.
Poor Matt. I tend to be harsh on him.

Hope you enjoyed this rather short Sunday Snippet!

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