Sunday Snippet: Double Shot

It was to my dismay that I realized I had forgotten to put up a Sunday Snippet last week. So I'll be giving you a double shot of Snippets in one post!

This Snippet is a scene that's been captivating my mind for a while. Written below is the catalyst for a major plot twist, and introduce a whole new angle into my series. So, being me, I won't tell you who the two main characters are! Wes is present, but he's already a known entity.

"But Wes," I mumble, "I don't know how to tell him." 
"The same way you told me," he chuckles, the sound familiar and soothing to my soul. I shake my head, eyes darting to look anywhere but him. 
"It's not the same, I mean... it's you." He laughs, and I flush in embarrassment; I didn't mean for it to sound that way. 
"I just... I'm not afraid to know what you think. But Matt--" I freeze, my eyes locking onto a figure standing across the crowded lobby. He's looking into one of the shop windows, his eyes wide and mesmerized with what's inside. But as I watch, he straightens up quickly, his head turning towards me. We stare at each other for only a moment, before I feel something snap inside of me. Everything seems brighter, sounds clearer, smells sweeter. I stare into those light brown eyes, and he stares back at me. 
I feel... complete.
And there you have it! Again, my apologies for last week; hope this made up for it!

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