Chapter X

I often find myself stubbornly trying to press forward in a linear writing style, when I often have my plot ideas further ahead. This causes me to get stuck, trying to figure out how to proceed. Ro, being the smart person she is, reminded me of something: Writing isn't always linear. So thus, I have Chapter X.

Chapter X is what I title the section I jump to, to allow myself to not wonder how exactly it falls into the timeline of events.  I can start writing where there's inspiration, then from there figure out how to backtrack to where I finished before Chapter X.  Despite how odd that sounds, it really works!

For example, I've been working on "Finding Jill" and jumped ahead for my Chapter X. While writing it, I started asking myself questions, such as "where were these found?" "how did no one else find them before?" "Did (A) really do this to (B), or was it (C) who did it to (A) and (B)?"

From there, my Chapter X spawns more chapters before and after, letting my linear chapters connect to my Chapter X. And from there, I either continue forward, or jump to a new Chapter X, and repeat the whole process. It really helps keep things moving, and gives me room to play. And boy, do I love to play!

This little update brought to you, mainly in procrastination.  Keep an eye out for a new project coming your way! It's currently in the works, but it should liven things up on here soon...

-M. Hendrix

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