Poem - Watching

I wrote this last fall, not very light-hearted at all either! None of my poetry is uplifting or lighthearted, but this is definitely more disturbing than I usually write. Enjoy!

Edit done: 2012.7.30 Cleaned up some structure and spelling. Flows better now.

Look at me
Let me gaze at you
Eyes wide and open
Letting me into your soul
My heart swells
At the sight you give me
Hands bound tight
Mouth taped closed
I circle around you
Strapped to the chair
I drink in the fear
That is so clear in you
The tears blurring your vision
Cannot be contained
Let them flow
Let me see them
Let me see more
I lift up your chin
Planting a soft kiss
On the silver blocking the flesh
“Just a bit more,” I tell you
You give a muffled sob
I smile at you kindly
As I stroke your cheek
While lifting up my hand
I bring it down swiftly
That cheek now bright red
I can almost hear you screaming
My alarm clock goes off
And I glance out the window
The sun is now rising
My neighbours will soon be waking
So the fun must end
I pick up my final task
Letting it sink deeply into you
The red is no longer just on your cheek
Now those bright, beautiful eyes
Stare back at me unseeing
You disgust me.

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