Neglect, the Shame that Burns my Soul

I want to be melodramatic for a moment, as is a tendency of mine when I become bored with my surroundings.

I felt as if I neglected my brain-baby, Snippets, though I doubt this is the case (Hell, who is even reading this aside from a few people?). So to drag me out of my funk and to do something productive with a $5 gift card won in a raffle, I purchased a book.

Now, why should you care? Because this book, this wonderful, special, brilliant book... is going to bring me great amusement and deep joy.

And you should care why? Because this book (this wonderful, special, etc.) is a book of 1001 writing prompts.

Guess what you get to read! You probably guessed right.

I have not started writing them yet. I thought I'd give a warning first, to be nice.

-M. Hendrix

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