Writer's Insomnia

I'm sure you've been there before, where thoughts keep going through your mind over and over and keep you awake. Sometimes it's about worries, family, excitement...

Mine tend to happen because my characters can't be polite enough to stop yelling at me.

"Write this!" they shout, sending ideas and images to the front of my mind. I'm trying to turn over, push them away so that I can at least pretend to get some sleep before work. But they don't appreciate the gesture.

"I want to do this!" a little one shouts, and I shout back, quite loudly: "Let me sleep, damn it all!"

They don't heed my words, though, instead, they realize I'm not truly asleep and double their efforts.

"You've been ignoring me...." A thin, sickly voice calls out. I push it away, ignoring it even more. It's just an idea I haven't had time for right now. I'll remember him later... maybe.

"I figured out why I want to be involved!" another character yells over the hubbub. I feel the lightbuld turning on before I can stop myself. Why, oh fictional character of mine, must you enlighten me of this mere hours before I need to get up for the day?

I find myself tossing off my blankets, a sliver of reluctance still stuck in my movements. I pull on my robe, pushing myself out of my warm haven to pick up my digital typewriter and sleepily chicken-peck the words being tossed at me from my overexcited character. The others are still shouting, loud and demanding, but they aren't crucial right at this moment.

I'll get to them in a minute.


And there is a moment inside my head. Be glad you don't live there!

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