Reclaiming History: Cover Art

So I've been a bit busy these past few weeks.  I should have kept it updated on here, but let's face it, I'm a slacker!  So here are two treats for you, one that you can read for just $1.

 'Jocelyn waited fifteen years to bring Deanne back home, and nothing will stop her from succeeding; not even Deanne. This short story, written from the eyes of Jocelyn, is the prologue to the series 'Reclaiming History."'

"Keeping our Promise" is the first launch into the Reclaiming History series, and is on sale at Amazon.com

And in other news...

This is the upcoming book in the Reclaiming History series, which is currently in the works.  The ETA is still sketchy, I'll have to get back to you on a more permanent date. I'm tentatively looking towards December, but I'm not making any promises. For now, just enjoy the cover art!

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