Seasons of Change: Cold Memories

Originally written: 2011-12-22
by M. Hendrix

Part 1 of 4

As the snow falls silently outside my window, I sit here dreaming of you. I miss the way you smiled at me when I would run off on a tangent, then forget what I was talking about. I miss how you would sit at my desk working intently as I lie on the bed and watch you. I miss how you could always find time to indulge my spontaneous impulses to go do something without complaining. I miss you lying next to me, watching me watch you for hours. I mis how you would hold me when the world just become too much to handle. You are no longer here though, my chair sits empty, my bed turned cold, the only one to talk to is myself. I grow more distant and cold from those around me, and I listen to the clock of time steadily ticking by, wondering when it will stop for me.

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