Seasons of Change: Reborn in Spring Rain

Originally written: 2012-3-18
by M. Hendrix

Part 2 of 4

Sitting out on my porch I watch the world wake up. First the birds, calling out to their neighbours and family with happy, cheerful greetings. Then it's the moist drops of dew glistening in the growing rays of sun that begin to peek over the tall snow-capped ridges surrounding me. After that comes the noise of humanity; cars, children, talking, crying, laughing, singing, happiness, sadness, hope.

I just sit here, sipping the lukewarm coffee that I had ignored in favour of watching the world around me wake up, and I can let myself get lost. So many new changes occurring, love blossoming, surroundings replacing. Next year, as I sit on a porch drinking coffee, wrapped in a warm blanket, will it be this very porch? Will the sun rise over mountains, plains, or skyscrapers? Will I sit here alone, lost in my musings, or will a solid wall of warmth be holding me and keeping me company? There is so much to think about, but the cold memories of winter leave me to let my soul be reborn in the light spring rain.

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