Update on Myself ; My Hidden Reality

Hi! Yeah, I'm still alive. Kind of, more or less, sort of. I've been super-busy with working, organizing, and just trying to find time to eat, let alone update!

But I do have some new things for you to read, some poetry I've written recently. I can't remember if I put up my older poems (I'll have to go check on that) but these more recent pieces have gotten good responses so far.

Here is my newest addition (I'll work backwards from this point!), My Hidden Reality. It's safe for most readers, nothing too offensive aside from my usual dark thoughts.

It’s coming from each side
I can feel it surround me
Choking, suffocating
I can’t see it, yet still it’s there
A thousand tiny hands
Holding, pressing
Pinning me where I stand
I can’t understand it
Confusing, condemning
Where reality and fantasy touch
The blurry border I walk
Twisting, turning
Never-ending agony
Burning my thoughts and dreams
Searing, scarring
The guilt is overwhelming
Staining my world red
Blurring, shaping
Can you see it on me?
The truth of my deeds
So obvious, so real
I can’t take it
I can’t live like this
Shaking, trembling
I can see it now
I can’t hide it
Ending, destroying
My own reality.

-M. Hendrix

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  1. I rather like this one, it keeps me on my toes. I like the imagery myself, it plays wonderful pictures behind my eyes...


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