Greetings, Taste Testing

Hi! I figured with it being midnight and having nothing to do (why sleep?) I should design a blog. Sounds weird? Well, this is how I do things :)

I have been writing for several years, getting better as time goes on (as one should!) and now that I'm attending college full-time and out of work this seems to be a great time to get rid of some energy that changes into creative muses. So whoever sticks around will be the (hopefully) happy recipient of my mental vomiting.

...That's a lovely mental image there!

So to start you off, this is a teaser for a book that I am currently working on. I'm aiming to get it published this year, so cross your fingers!

My earliest memory is of her death. She had been my mother, yet not the mother who brought me into existence. I don’t know how long I lived with her, or how many I lived with before her. But I do remember the moment it happened, how her hateful dark eyes grew empty as they stared into my own, damning my presence in her life. 
It would become a moment that I would live to repeat again and again. 
Now that I let gave you a taste test, I will be updating as inspiration hits, or boredom. The two tend to work together a lot!

-M. Hendrix

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