Dreams from the Sea

PROMPT: Write about a boat who wishes he was a plane.
Prompt by: http://www.writing.com

By M. Hendrix

I look up into the skies above me
Wishing I could be up there too
But I cannot fly above the clouds
My life is among the waves
Moving where the winds take me

If I could go up there
I would see everything below me
There would be nothing in my way
Nothing obscuring my vision
But as I am not a plane
I am trapped in the sea

Why must it be like this?
Why can’t I fly in the sky?
Reaching higher and higher
Leaving the world behind
All I can do from down here
Is go lower and lower
Sinking into the sea
And forgotten in time

I might be stuck as a boat
But in my soul
I long for the dreams
And the life
Being a plane would give me.

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