Tuning In

I had the most frustrating week. There I sat, my laptop open in front of me with my story document open. The little cursor was flashing, ready and waiting for me to add more words into it.

I couldn't find them, though!
For the life of me, I kept thinking, thinking, and thinking; but nothing was coming to me. It was mocking me, that little flashing line. I was ready to teach that line just what I was capable of, when one of the characters gestured to me.

I found the reason for my story's resistance: I was listening to the wrong person!

I was so intent on doing it a certain way, I was ignoring other options. When I finally started listening, I was able to write. After that, I added a few thousand words to my document, happily shutting down my computer to head to work afterward.

It seems silly, since I often express the need to listen to the characters; they really do have great ideas! Their musings give great work; yet I wasn't listening myself.

My idea was good, but his was better. And really, if he doesn't want to do what I want him to, he won't.

It's little moments like that which help me remember to practice what I preach.

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