Why They Do What They Do

When I let others read my work, I find the reactions amusing; mainly because my writing is darker than they expected. I don't know why, but they assume it will be light and happy. I often am cheerful, sarcastic, cracking dirty jokes, and laugh easily when among others.

So what makes my writing so dark?

I write morbid, dark themes because it interests me. I have a habit of people watching; they're interactions with others and their environment is food for my ideas. It helps me design characters that are more 'realistic' and can be related to easier. 

"If I make this happen, you react like that." Unless, of course, factor A is happening in a different setting, and then reaction B should be expected.

I also daydream a lot; and those are morbid enough to begin with. But those dark fantasies that lurk in the back of the mind come forth onto a sheet of paper for the world to read. 

The idiot who cut me off in traffic this morning? Yeah, I had my protagonist run him over while trying to flee downtown.

The overall idea though, comes back to the characters; they live out the reason why I love writing. To understand why people do what they do. During my daydreams and pondering I try to understand and step into the shoes of horrible people. What made the rapist become just that? Why would someone kidnap another person, or child? Why would a man kill his entire family, then shoot himself? What drives a parent to start hitting their kids? Why do some people have to be in control of others? Why do people want to take over the world? What do they feel? Dream about? Hope for? Fear? Love? Hate?

It's those questions I explore on paper. I make the scenario in my mind, and put it on paper. I try to follow the feeling, the detachment from myself to the character, from the world, and wander the dark paths whispered about in secret. To unravel the intent behind the stains of humanity.

And then, I let you read it.

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