When the Time is Right

I've been writing for several years, yet this is the first year that I've actively started trying to promote and sell my writing. Looking back on it, that makes sense; I wasn't ready yet.

It's not an easy road. There's no fool-proof solution that's guaranteed to work. It's not a magical formula or process to gain reputation and notability. Frankly, it can be terrifying. That's held me off for quite a while. But now, I feel like I can succeed, I can take the risks and chances that will be ahead, and I am willing to put the effort into it.

The fun part's been trying to find different ways to get myself out there. I don't know many people in my personal social circles; that was the first roadblock I've run into. I'm working around that. There's been several other roadblocks, but I can't let them stop me. When I started this blog, it was one of the first steps into my online presence, and I hope to be able to keep getting notice. I have to be persistent, and not quit or give up; that's giving up on my goals.

I've fallen short, I've gotten frustrated, but I've also gotten out there. I have a Facebook page for Snippets, along with my own page (which my friends and relatives around the globe are thankful for; cuts down on postage!) to interact and communicate with other people. I'm still trying to figure out what the heck Twitter is (I still get confused, haha!), and Pintrest still evades me. But I'm a lot farther than I was when I started, and I hope to get farther as 2013 begins.

I will be more active as the horrific experiences of November have ended (and I did finish the NaNoWriMo challenge; 50,000 words reached!), and the rest of the year lies before me. Happy Holidays for everyone, whether you celebrate Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, or something else. Me? I celebrate sleep and snow. :)

Let's end 2012 with a bang!

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