Light and Dark

Writing is used for much more than creative outlets; it's a skill that's needed in every aspect of life.

But I prefer using it for creative outlets!

As I continue to write more, I find new ideas and ways to do things. Hooking up with other writers has helped too, but I had an experience at work today that brought home how unique writing can be.

I work at a mental health treatment center. One of my coworkers mentioned how, with the unique way I view the world (through the eyes of a writer), that I could be able to provide poetry and stories with the experiences I see and learn about while on the job. I had to smile, because that's sort-of what I do now; just not in the way they think.

I love to observe people. I love to watch and try to understand why people are doing what they do. Why tragedies, pain, hurt, abuse, and hate exist. Why such horrific actions take place.

And then, I write about them. Of course.

But I do observe the other details. Because the dark is not without light; shadows exist within the sun and reflections of the moon. Good intertwines with Bad.

I do write about the light, though; I believe in a strong sense of balance. So for the darkness, I provide some light. It's harder to see in the short stories I provide here.

Three of my long pieces, Winner Case files, Casting Stones, and For the Boy, they all have mixtures of light and dark. It needs to have them; to keep things real and steady. It needs it for balance.

Short pieces don't tend to need them as much, because it's a small Snippet of story.

I just don't often write about the Light in them. Other people do that for me.

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  1. I enjoy finding the balance. The longer the piece, the more I need to make sure it's leveled. Maybe that's why I love short pieces so much more! Haha~


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