Originally written: 2012.6.04
Edited for clarity: 2012.7.30

I envy those who live
Their entire lives in ignorance
Dreaming of a perfect world
That will never be
They believe in things
That are unreal
Like freedom, peace
Or how dreams come true
They still believe that this world
Is a place that can change
That will become better
And work towards a goal
Yet I know better
I’ve lived in this reality for far too long
To long to fall for the talk
Too long to believe the pretty words
Too long to agree with the petty ideas
Or to support the lies that our leaders' preach
The world as we know it has ended
The rich and powerful moving into place
Controlling and guiding us
Towards certain destruction
I miss the days
When the world made sense
Where beauty was found
In the little things around me
Love was a goal I once wished to reach
But those days are gone
Crushed under the weight of the world
And learning what it means
To grow up and become an adult.

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