The First Draft vs The Real Thing

I've noticed, as I continue to write the first draft for Children of Sin, that my first draft is going to be vastly different compared to how I will have it when it finishes. How do I know this? Because the first draft is much too short, for starters!

I am aiming for a range between 30-50k words for Children of Sin: Wrath (the first book in the series), and so far (9 chapters into the draft) I'm barely pushing 13k. I already know I left some things out I will be putting in later, mainly due to the fact that I want to work more on those details later. I am putting in the basic, bare structure, to help build on later. I want to get the main plot built, then work in the necessary details around those established structures afterwards.

As I keep writing, I develop new ideas and thoughts. I find some ideas will actually allow me more range to work with, giving me more character and plot growth (especially as I work across seven books) and not 'giving away' all the good parts at the beginning; what's more boring than knowing everything at the start? So I'm making my characters learn and understand things at the same pace the reader is. That is one of the things I love about First Person view!

I'm excited at how it's going so far though; I know Ro is too!  The support and feedback I get not only from Ro, but from friends and family I've given sample pieces to has been great. I had a couple friends promise me to give them copies when I get them published and printed, so that 'when you get famous I can show them off!' It makes me smile and feel all fuzzy inside thinking of how supportive they are of me.

Lots of love!
-M. Hendrix

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