Something Isn't Right (Prompt #902)

902. You go to work the morning after a long night of drinking. You notice a cheap wedding ring on your finger that wasn't there yesterday. Describe your action steps to determine what happened.

I really shouldn’t have gone, I think miserably as I sink into the desk at work. Marcie and Joe had a party last night to celebrate their first house together and I couldn’t resist the lure of free liquor. The problem was that it was a work night and I normally avoid drinking on such nights, instead keeping them to my days off so that my work doesn’t suffer.

Damn Joe could probably talk me into getting married, the bastard, I hiss viciously in my mind, rubbing my knuckles across my tired eyes. My body freezes as a brush of smooth metal rubs across my skin. I am not a fan of jewelry, and happily single, so I swallow and move my hand away from my face to confirm the niggle of fear that bubbled up in my stomach.

A single thick gold band was holding my ring finger hostage.

“Joe Mason, you get your ass down here right now and tell me what the fuck happened last night!” I shout as I throw open the door that I had walked in last night as a bachelor. Footsteps stomp down the stairs and a tired face peeks around the door, confusion clearly visible.

“Sean? What’s wrong?”

I grab him by the collar, dragging his face towards me as I lift the hand that I haven’t been able to look at all day.

“This wasn’t here last night. Where the fuck did it come from?”

Joe stares at it for a moment, eyebrows drawing together.

“Sean… what are you doing with my wife’s ring?”

I blink, stepping back. Joe frees himself from my grip and does the same. My temper fades as I drop into the cheap folding chair that was pulled away from the folding card table that serves to hold food at meal times. Marcie, tying the belt on her robe, steps into the kitchen at this point.

“Oh, hi Sean!”

“Marcie, love,” Joe starts slowly, “why is he wearing your wedding ring?”

“Oh! You don’t remember? You and Sean were quite vocal on the gay marriage laws being shot down again and saying that Sean would never be able to marry Chris.”
I feel my face flush, and Joe was doing the same. Marcie just smiles wider and keeps talking.

“So I handed my band to him and said ‘There, you and Joe can be married for a little.’ It made you guys stop blubbering, so it was worth it. Can I have it back now?”

I wordlessly slip the band off, dropping it in the hand of its rightful owner.

I glance at Joe and I can see the agreement reached in his eyes. We were to never speak of this. Ever.
I love Joe, he’s the brother I never had (and my first kiss, but we don’t talk about that either) but I would never… just no.

 I’m still single, and quite glad to remain so.

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