I think the part of my writing I obsess about is the very first parts. Whether I use a prologue or just jump straight to Chapter 1, I spend so much time focusing on that area and spazzing about getting it perfect.

I think I am justified to do that though. It's that area that is the crux of whether a person keeps reading or abandons my tale to find a more interesting one. If I cannot catch them within those first few pages, or even lines, then what lies in the rest of them don't matter anyways!

I was thinking about this as I finally found the words to write the prologue for 'Wrath.' I wanted to do it right, as it is not only the opening for the book, but the entire series, and I felt that upped the importance of it by ten times! It's written out on paper right now, and it's rather 'short and sweet', but I find length doesn't matter, it's the impact it leaves behind.

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