Touching Base: No More Games

Lo and behold, today I went to check my email and found a message labeled "Re: No More Games."  Clicking it open, I began to read the message.


Please read this message carefully. 

Thank you for providing us with the opportunity to read your work. We are humbled to inform you that your story “No More Games” has won second place in our 1st Annual Romancing the Craft of Poetry and Fiction Contest. 

As per the terms of our contest, as our second place winner you will be awarded with a free one year electronic subscription to the Torrid Literature Journal. 

Please note the following information: 

Your story “No More Games” will be published in Volume IV – The D.N.A. of a Poet along side our first and third place winners. This issue will be released October 1, 2012. Your free electronic subscription will start with this issue and continue through issue VII. You will receive your electronic copy within thirty days following a new release of the journal.
So of course, I'm very excited about this.  I'm looking forward to reading my first published work!

-M. Hendrix

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